Photography FAQ: What to wear for my session?

I’ve booked a photo session now what do I wear?

We get this question all of the time. Our goal is to make your session as stress free and enjoyable as possible, and that includes the preparation so read on for a few helpful ideas.

Wearing all white, all black, all khaki or all jeans is a thing of the past. You can allow your partner or family members to wear something that represents their individuality if you follow a few guidelines…

  • Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel good. You look confident and comfortable when you feel good in what you’re wearing. Choose an outfit that fits well, that’s comfortable and that you love. When you feel comfortable in your clothes it shows in your photographs.
  • Wear patterns and colours carefully. Keep tones quiet or muted, fluorescents and very bright colours can distract and cast reflections on skin. Choose a colour palette (2-3 colours) for your outfits and work within that palette when choosing outfits and accessories. It’s best if everyone in the photograph is coordinated but not totally matching. Subtle patterns add interest in a photograph when they are within your chosen colour palette.
  • Layers and textures are great. These add dimension and depth to your photograph. We suggest belts, accessories like necklaces & hairpieces, cardigans, scarves, or vests etc. These are also a great way to pull your colour palette into an otherwise plain outfit.
  • Remember your feet. We will probably take a few full length photos or have you sit down at some point during your session, your shoes and socks may show. Wear dark coloured or coordinated socks, and shoes that compliment your outfits.
  • Dress for the weather. We love to shoot outdoors and in natural light, if your photography session is supposed to be outside then please dress appropriately. You will have a hard time posing naturally and the photos will reflect how you feel if you’re too hot or too cold.

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