Couples & Engagement Photography in Regina, SK

True love, young and old, deserves to have it's story told. We have told a lot of stories in ten years of photography but yours is different, it's unique to the two of you and we can help to show it with photographs that capture your relationship. 

What to Expect

If it's just the two of you then we'll ask you to meet us at our home, you'll hop in to our vehicle and we'll take you around to the locations we've selected. If you have any location requests or places that are special for the two of you then we'd be happy to include them! During the session we'll help you to get comfortable in front of the camera, make you laugh and capture your best side.

Booking & Availability

Our sessions happen during the best light of the day in the last few hours before sunset, and they typically happen Monday through Friday (though we may be able to accommodate some weekends). We have limited space so if you're interested please visit our contact page to check our pricing and availability.