We planned and celebrated our own wedding in 2011. Erin has a huge family so we understand the stress of guest lists, details and planning!

We did hire a photographer (Framed by Jen - she took this photo) but Collin still insisted on bringing his camera with him just in case. 

About Us


We're Collin and Erin! - born and raised in small town Saskatchewan but we've called Regina home since 2007. Collin holds a degree in Fine Arts - Film Studies and Media Production from the University of Regina and Erin received her business education in both Red Deer and Regina. Growing up in rural settings on the prairies has given us a strong sense of community, responsibility and the utmost appreciation for a job well done.

Collin has always had a strong attachment to photographs. He's been the unofficial keeper of photographs in his family, charged with preserving and protecting thousands of memories that happened before he was even born. It's this attachment to his own family memories and heritage that drove him to become a photographer. He loves the idea of preserving memories and moments for future generations. It's for these reasons that our photography focuses on capturing real and intimate moments between you and your loved ones. We prefer natural light and value capturing genuine emotion. Our style is candid. We want you to look natural and be comfortable as we believe that is when the best photographs happen.

Our clients will often remark on how relaxed we made them feel, and how easy their experience was. In our 10 year career we have photographed hundreds of clients, and over 200 weddings. We know how to pose your awkward partner; how to coax out the natural smiles; how to organize your rowdy group; we even know how to tie up your dress and pin your boutonniere, and we do it all while making the most of your time and capturing exceptional photographs of your loved ones.  

If you're interested in booking us for your wedding, family session, or other portraits please get in touch.

The Business

Collin Stumpf Photography is our livelihood. We are accountable professionals who have been in this industry for over 10 years. We are a registered business, we file taxes, we buy licensed software and we carry insurance. We have multiple cameras in case of accidents or unexpected mishaps, duplicate lenses, and backup batteries. We invest in new equipment and technology on a regular basis. We are a part of the Canon Professional Services program which provides next day replacement services for our gear if repairs are needed. We create redundant backups of your images to minimize the risk of file loss prior to delivering your photographs. We attend conferences, trades shows and training to stay up to date on the industry, technology and skills.

What does this mean for you? It means you can trust us. It means that we take the responsibility of your photographs seriously. It means we're committed to providing you with the best possible results from our time together. We are professionals and when you make the decision to hire us you are in capable hands.