We're Collin and Erin - born and raised in small town Saskatchewan but we've called Regina home since 2007. Collin holds a degree in Fine Arts - Film Studies and Media Production from the University of Regina and Erin received her business education in both Red Deer and Regina. Growing up in rural settings on the prairies has given us a strong sense of community, responsibility and the utmost appreciation for a job well done.


Collin has always held a strong attachment to photographs. He's been the unofficial keeper of photographs in his family, charged with preserving and protecting thousands of memories from generations of ancestors. It's this attachment to the importance of family memories that drove him to become a photographer. He loves the value of preserving the past in a beautiful way for future generations to experience.


When Erin met Collin, she knew they'd be together forever. Learning photography was the perfect way they could spend more time together and after hundreds of weddings side-by-side they wouldn't have it any other way. Erin maintains a career in marketing and brings her unique creative perspective to the mix.


Together, our style is candid and we prefer natural light. Our clients will often remark on how relaxed we made them feel, and how easy their experience was.


When you hire us you get the benefit of our experience. We know how to pose your awkward partner; how to coax out the natural smiles; how to organize your rowdy group; we know how to tie up your dress and pin your boutonniere, and we do it all while making the most of your time and capturing real and intimate moments between you and your loved ones.

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