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Perfect evening light, adorable children, and parents who are very much in love make for stunning photos. We had a great evening with Taylor & Shane for their engagement session a few weeks ago!

Family Photographs by Collin Stumpf Photography

Family Photo walking down path




It’s not often that we get the chance to put these two in front of the camera so when Sarah asked us about doing an anniversary session we were very excited. They claim that they’re awkward in front of the camera but I love these photos, ten years of marriage and they’re very clearly so happy together. Thanks Sarah & Malcolm for including us in your celebration, maybe we can do it again in another 10 years?

Kitchen anniversary session Collin Stumpf Photography Chef Malcolm

Martini glasses flowers rings detail wedding photography

laughing martini wedding photo

wedding photo in trees collin stumpf

laughing candid wedding photo

wedding photo collin stumpf photography

The Grill family is our family by marriage and we love them. We’ve had the honour of photographing some pretty specials occasions for them so when Gloria reached out to do an extended family session we were obviously excited. Though I’m pretty that she was nervous about coordinating the group and all of these adorable kidlets, I think it worked out pretty well.

Family Photo in park with bushes

Grill family photos by Collin Stumpf


The perfect evening light, rustic and weathered wood walls, and a gorgeous woman, all ingredients for beautiful outdoor boudoir photography. Most of our boudoir sessions don’t make it to our site so big thanks to our friend Courtney for being our model and letting us share her beautiful photos.

Abandoned building Courtney

Girl posing in half boarded abandoned building doorway for boudoir photography session

Girl leaning on board in doorway boudoir session

Girl poses in abandoned building for boudoir session with plaid shirt

Courtney Outdoor Abandoned Boudoir Session, sun streaming in through abandoned building

Courtney against wall of abandoned building for outdoor boudoir photo

Courtney black and white boudoir photo by Collin Stumpf Photography

Courtney in outdoor boudoir session with sunset trees by Collin Stumpf Photography

Courntey kneeling in long grass outdoor boudoir session with Collin Stumpf Photography

What does a marriage need to be successful? A little goofiness, hard work, and a lot of love. The Montgomery family has certainly found the recipe. Mel invited us out to their family farm south of Morse (Collin’s hometown) for a family session in honour of her parent’s anniversary. It was so sweet to see her parents laugh and smile and joke together in the yard where they’ve raised their family, and created so many memories. Thanks for having us out to commemorate such a beautiful family and an important milestone, Montgomerys!

Montgomery Family Photos on their farm near Morse SK

Montgomery Family Individual Portraits

Montgomery Girls with Family Dog by Collin Stumpf Photography

Montgomery Family Photos by Collin Stumpf Photography

Family Photos with the Montgomery Family by Collin Stumpf

Morse Family Photography

Montogomer Girls with Parents on Family Farm

Family Photography in Morse, SK by Collin Stumpf

Collin Stumpf Photography Family Photos

Morse Family Photography

Sisters in front of grain bin