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The perfect evening light, rustic and weathered wood walls, and a gorgeous woman, all ingredients for beautiful outdoor boudoir photography. Most of our boudoir sessions don’t make it to our site so big thanks to our friend Courtney for being our model and letting us share her beautiful photos.

Abandoned building Courtney

Girl posing in half boarded abandoned building doorway for boudoir photography session

Girl leaning on board in doorway boudoir session

Girl poses in abandoned building for boudoir session with plaid shirt

Courtney Outdoor Abandoned Boudoir Session, sun streaming in through abandoned building

Courtney against wall of abandoned building for outdoor boudoir photo

Courtney black and white boudoir photo by Collin Stumpf Photography

Courtney in outdoor boudoir session with sunset trees by Collin Stumpf Photography

Courntey kneeling in long grass outdoor boudoir session with Collin Stumpf Photography

This beautiful woman spent some time in our studio recently. Courtney is a gorgeous lady inside and out. It was a pleasure to photograph her, and provide her with some truly stunning portraits. Thanks for letting us share these, Courtney!



We’ve worked with Meghan a few times in the past and we’ve always had a great time. This year we went for a vintage, boudoir style session and we think it turned out very well! Here are the results of our collaboration. Thanks, Meghan!